Recently Completed

My friend Jenna and I recently played Seven Word Itch. Our seven words were: merry, snap, sister’s, bookworm, ultimate, cosmic, and chance.

Here is  Jenna’s poem using these seven words (reprinted with her permission):

The ultimate
cosmic venture
is to take a
and snap
into yourself
not just
settle for
some sister’s merry
but actually

And here’s what I came up with using the same seven:

Last Chance Poet

Wearing my sister’s leather
jacket, the one with the
broken snap,

my black boots
scuffed but instilling
a certain breed of

I leave my bookworm world
and go out on the
cosmic merry-go-round,
writing poems of lust and
unrequited hopefulness.

I am the last chance poet,
risking everything for that
ultimate piece of stardust,

a pinpoint in time to
mark where my spirit was,
like a match, once lit,
that never stops burning.

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