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To Be, Damn It, To Be!

Of all the misuses of the English language, this one is my pet peeve:

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Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

Have you ever in your “heart of hearts” wanted to “break the ice” with someone and waited “with bated breath” for the opportunity? Has anyone ever “set your teeth on edge” … maybe even your “own flesh and blood?” Have … Continue reading

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A Poem a Day (for 365 Days)

On my birthday in 2011, I wrote a poem. The next day I read about a woman who had written a poem a day for a year. The feeling in the pit of my stomach when I read that, the … Continue reading

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My Latest 7 Word Itch Poem

Here’s what I came up with using the 7 words posted earlier this month: A blustery fall afternoon, the campfire sputtering. Cookies and bananas make a quirky picnic for a special day: this one. I drink it all in slowly, … Continue reading

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Delicious New Sizzlers: Letting Creativity Happen

Awake at dawn, I read for a while, jotted a few thoughts in my journal, balanced a bowl of cereal on the bed. The birds were singing and a cool spring breeze drifted in through my window, only slightly ajar. … Continue reading

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Thrift Store Grammar

Thrift stores have become a popular shopping venue for many in the United States. They’re fun to prowl for quirky, quaint, and funky items on the cheap. But thrift stores seem to operate on grammar rules all their own. The … Continue reading

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The Politics of Being Cold

It’s been a long winter. Then again, any winter that lasts beyond, say, January 10 seems long to me. This season I was quite the trooper, if I do say so myself. Every snowfall, I had to admit, looked exquisite. … Continue reading

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