Another Seven Words

The new seven words for this week’s “itch” are:

  • blustery
  • campfire
  • cookies
  • slowly
  • special
  • heart
  • said

Anyone want to join me in creating a poem using the seven words listed above? See the rules for Seven Word Itch here.

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8 Responses to Another Seven Words

  1. Jesse says:

    As the campfire roared
    The warm cookies sat
    The hours slowly passed
    That special moment in time
    Where your heart is content
    Blustery is the world outside
    But within nothing is said


  2. Psyche says:

    Nice work, Jesse! 🙂 I’ve got mine composed but I’ll wait a bit to see if anyone else jumps in with their poem.


  3. C2 says:

    Bittersweet Bite

    The special cookies
    we eat slowly
    around the campfire
    of my blustery heart
    are Amaretti.
    Crunchy on the outside.
    Chewy in the middle.
    ‘Nuff said!


  4. jkvegh says:

    I am a fiction writer, not a poet. So here goes:

    We sat around the campfire, warming ourselves on that cold blustery evening. Some of the girls sang special lyrics designed to go in rounds. A few girls were eating cookies so they wouldn’t have to sing. My heart was beating with thoughts of a boy I had a crush on, back home. I was so caught up in my dreams that I didn’t notice when my friend Peggy reached over and grabbed me around the waist and made me scream! She laughed at me for being a space cadet and said I should be singing along with the rest of the girls. Okay, I agreed and smiled. Singing along as if everything were back to normal, I reached one hand behind me and picked up some dirt. Slowly and methodically, I let it drizzle onto her blonde hair and fall down her back. She jumped up and shouted, “Oh my gosh look there is a Bear!!!” All the girls began to scream as we raced back to our tents without even looking. She had the biggest laugh of all until the counselors came and scolded her for causing such a racket.


  5. Jenna says:

    My heart, it is said,
    Is lit like a campfire
    Burning slowly
    In a special way
    Not blustery
    Like on a windy day
    When all I want is to be at home
    Eating cookies!


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