Writing Crazy

I’m a writer, so I’m supposed to love to write, right? I’m supposed to want to do it all the time, right? Wrong!

Writing makes me crazy, but not writingwriting crazy makes me crazier. Much of the time when I write, I’m not doing it because I’m in love with the idea of writing. Rather, it’s because I know instinctively it’s what I have to do to keep from going off the deep end. And sometimes the words are just trapped in my brain and they won’t come out. Until they do.

Can you relate? Have you ever been writing crazy?

When you feel like the thoughts are piling up like a traffic jam in your brain and you can’t get any of them out.

When the thoughts start to flow and the words come so fast you’re scared that they will never stop, that you’ll be unable to stop writing.

When you’re so pissed off, you actually put rips in the pages because you’re pressing so hard with the pen.

When you’ve got an amazing idea in your head and you absolutely have to write, right now or you might lose it, even if it means being late for work or setting your dinner on fire.

When you can’t write because that special pen has disappeared somewhere in the vicinity of your couch and you refuse to write with any other.

When you’re obsessed with an idea, a person or a thing and can’t write about anything else.

When the images are in your head, playing like a scene in a movie, but you can’t get the words for them on the page because it hurts too much, because it makes you feel raw and it seems to magnify every emotion you’re feeling. .

When it hurts even more not to write, because you have such a need to get it out.

When you’re finally able to let go and trust the process and trust that what comes out of your pen is what was in your heart and you realize you’re writing, you’re writing, you’re writing, and you are becoming exactly what you are meant to be.

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1 Response to Writing Crazy

  1. I suspect that this drive, this need to write, is what separates you as a writer from the rest of us. For example, I actually write well, have a grasp of language and some of the skills associated with writing. What I do not have is that drive that makes this post authentic. Keep at it!


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