Crawling to Olympus

When Psyche is separated from Eros (Cupid), she embarks on a journey to Aphrodite to try to win him back. Having read the story dozens of times, I can relate to the mythical Psyche’s sense of despair and imagine the enormity of starting such a journey.

Always fascinated by myth and the mystical, I especially enjoy weaving ancient archetypes with modern life and seeing how they might express themselves today.

This particular poem is a villanelle, consisting of nineteen lines with set stanzas, a very specific rhyme scheme, and two lines repeating. I took an interest in villanelles a couple of years ago; I think I wrote this one at the end of 2012. (I took some small liberties with the structure while still adhering to the traditional form.)

Crawling to Olympus (Psyche Begins Her Sojourn)

The normal fades and innocence departs
Like fog uplifted from the earth awake.
And where I stand is where the journey starts.

There’s vanity in compasses and charts;
They will not compensate for my mistake.
But I’m uncertain how the journey starts.

Let’s not belabor sentimental hearts.
There is no mortal I would not forsake.
The normal fades and innocence departs.

The fate of those who’ve known my lover’s darts
Evaded me; yet I, about to break
Have ascertained how innocence departs.

No specialist in Aphroditic arts,
I am a stranger on the path I take.
One step, and then the next, is how it starts.

To think I might put horses after carts
By dwelling on predictions that I make.
The normal fades and innocence departs.
And where I am is where the journey starts.


© 2014 Psyche North Torok. Please do not repost or copy without permission.


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5 Responses to Crawling to Olympus

  1. I am not a poetry critic or expert, but I know what will stick with me.

    The normal fades and innocence departs.
    And where I am is where the journey starts.

    That will take some time to digest, but there’s food for my spirit there.


  2. Diane Byrne Glaze says:

    Inspiring me to read and write poetry again. My teenage years were spent devouring Mythology. I didn’t realize how much I have let these things fall by the wayside. Lovely to find your stuff!


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