October’s Seven

7 word horseHere is a new 7 Word Itch poem that I wrote recently, followed by one written by a friend of mine using the same words. Our seven words were:

galore, bloody, guide, horse, heart, outspoken, disease



In my dream a horse
came to me as a
guide to my heart.

He said to beat the
soul disease
I needed to cry my pain,

let outspoken words
spill wounded and bloody
on the ground,

let tears fall until they
into diamonds galore.


My friend Irish Brogue composed this next one. She used a style quite different from mine, yet she still included the seven words, each used only once:

Beaten and bloody my heart cried out in despair, desiring the warmth of the leaves
This disease that I carry, once internal now utterly present
I spread it to everyone I love, everyone who has ever been a guide in my life
What point is there, I ask the soil
How am I to beat this, it has taken my sister and father
Now I see the horse of war standing on the Moon, a galore of beams reaching out to me for outspoken sustenance
Why me, I ask the Earth
Why not

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Would anyone like to join in and write a 7 Word Itch poem with these words? You can post it as a comment or send it to me directly at pntorok@yahoo.com. Here are the guidelines.


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