November’s Seven Words

Here are the seven words for this month’s Seven Word Itch poem:

girls, earthy, members, proof, trying, thirsty, thought

I will post a Seven Word Itch poem using these 7 words in the next couple of days. Readers, feel free to join me! You can send me your poem via the comments section of this post, or to me directly at

For a reminder of how to play Seven Word Itch, click here.

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4 Responses to November’s Seven Words

  1. Calvin R says:

    They are not women yet,
    With their thirsty dry dreaming of ethereal feelings,
    Trying for proof of love they can never find.
    Members of the living world find
    Earthy, thought-about loving and living
    That helps girls grow up.


  2. jodie says:


    Earthy girls
    Wearing wind
    Water grooved
    Orange in that touchable sky
    Proof positive
    That trying
    while thirsty
    No matter the members
    or trains of thought
    Simply rest down
    In here
    Dance large out there


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