December’s 7 words

December's 7 wordsHere are the seven words for this month’s Seven Word Itch: can’t, biggest, travel, you, house, games, eye.

Sometimes one or more of the words that I draw are unusual and a bit tricky. With these seven very common words, it should be relatively easy to come up with a variety of poems. I have some ideas for my poem already but I’ll hold off to see if any of you would like to create one.

Please don’t think you have to be “a poet” to write a Seven Word Itch poem! These poems aren’t meant to be award winners. Rather they’re intended to inspire you and spark your creativity, to stretch your mind and see how many different ways the same seven words can be used. Enjoy, and remember: This is play!

For a review of the guidelines for Seven Word Itch, click here.

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1 Response to December’s 7 words

  1. Calvin R says:

    You Can’t

    You can’t give up the nicest house in the area just to travel for a year,
    The woman all your buddies envy, no matter how many games she plays,
    The biggest project in the city, with all that money to make.

    One day she walks away.
    In the blink of an eye,
    Your life heals.


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