7 Word Itch for May

I’ve pulled seven new words for May! The words are: passport, extraordinary, magical, his, pain, spirit, and sky. 7 word itch May 2015

As with many 7 Word Itch poems, I think this one has potential. I wrote it in less than 24 hours and haven’t revised it all that much. Then again, these poems aren’t supposed to be masterpieces. The whole idea behind 7 Word Itch is to get your brain experiencing words in different combinations and to have fun doing it.

Wild Boy

He craved to live an
extraordinary life,

to transform the mundane into
the magical,

to make of the body something
holy and expansive.

He began drinking rain and he
drew in the sky.

He slept in the thickets,
sang to the birds,
made pacts with the roots of

until all evidence was near:

his pain was a passport
to the spirit.


Want to write a poem using these seven words? Write to me or post a comment and let me see it! For more information on using the 7 Word Itch format, go here.

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