A New Poem

Based on the seven words I posted on March 5: dead, gravy, you, shaker, pleasure, definitely, and earthy.St Francis

Saint Whoever

One day he comes down the mountain,
the path familiar as
comfortable old shoes.
The sun is a pleasure on
his back, on the top of his bare head.
His lean, earthy legs wrapped in
coarse wool carry him down.

One day he will become known
as a “mover and a shaker” of sorts.
Books written about him,
long after he’s dead, will describe
his rejection of luxury, of
the material world.

One day you will read one of these books
(intrigued, definitely),
eating your prime rib, potatoes and
rich gravy,
careful not to soil your tie.


Notes from a Word Nerd: I started writing the poem only with the idea in mind of using the seven words from the list. Once I’d written the first stanza, it occurred to me that it sounded a little like Saint Francis of Assisi – what little I know of his life. So I went with that, contrasting his life with an anonymous “you” who lives in relative luxury.
Then I encountered another challenge. My original draft used the past tense in the first stanza (came down, was a pleasure, carried him) and the conditional in the second (he would become, books would describe him). But that would require writing, “long after he had died.” According to the rules of Seven Word Itch, I had to use the word “dead” as opposed to “died.” So I changed the tense all the way through the poem. In my opinion it still reads a bit questionably, but for my purposes here I’m satisfied.  ~ Psyche


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2 Responses to A New Poem

  1. Jenna says:

    Nice! I love the seven word poems!

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