I was in the candy aisle trying to candy for blog post
decide if I wanted to indulge my
sweet tooth.

He stood by himself
with one of those

half-size shopping carts.
Elderly gentleman.
He leaned on the cart a little.
Likely not old enough to be a
WW II veteran;
nevertheless he reminded me of
my dad.
(Any more almost every elderly
man reminds me of my dad.)

He seemed to be looking for a
particular kind of candy.
I so wanted to help him find it —
or at least talk to him, or something.
I wanted to say, “I kind of know how it is
for you now. I’m beginning to feel the
decline of my body, and I’ve begun to
experience being dismissed by
the very young. So now I get it;
now I think I understand …. ”
He was probably lonely and would
have appreciated the interaction.
God knows I could relate to that.
But I didn’t say anything at all

frankly, I felt too shy.
And how do you say all that
to a
stranger looking at candy

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