Mercury Retrograde

This was the poem I had published in the April/May issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

When Earth passes the planet Mercury in its orbit, Mercury appears (from the perspective of Earth) to be traveling backwards. In astrological terms, this is referred to as Mercury retrograde. According to astrological lore, Mercury retrograde adversely affects communication (among other things). Mercury is also the ruling planet of both Gemini and Virgo.


Mercury Retrogradeplanet

Your ruler, that saboteur,
that ironic messenger
gets behind us,
doubling back like a fox that outwits
the hunting hounds.

You punish me. You will not speak.
You tie your own hands to spite fate,
retract words,
retrace the forward steps you took.

But is it not just our perception
that the tongue is crippled
and communication barred?
I fall from orbit, then;
I fall from grace.

And if I sent a letter
blaming it all on

that hot little marble
tumbling backward in a dizzying
spin toward hell,

would you read it?

Would you


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