Why I’d Rather Hold a Book …

… than a digital reading device.

I’m an unapologetic Luddite. The older I get, the less inclined I am to get on the bandwagon of the latest “trending” electronic gadget. My drive is to be me, regardless of what everyone else is doing. And part of being me involves reading books … lots and lots of books.

I’ll admit to one big advantage to e-readers (digital reading devices like Kindles): They do make it easier to carry around several volumes at once without additional weight or bulk. As I’ve watched my friends and colleagues switch to them, I briefly considered trying one. But it just didn’t seem like me.

Below are the reasons I hold books in such high regard, and why I prefer to hold them instead of electronic readers. love of books2

1.  A book has form and substance. It feels good to actually hold it in my hands. It’s the difference between talking face to face with a friend and watching someone on T.V. Say, “I love you” to the camera.

2.   Books have character. Each dog-eared page, each nick on the cover, any markings inside or outside the books lend character to them. It makes them likeable. One might even go so far as to say that books have soul.

3.   A book provides a sense of physical comfort. If I love the book I hold it to my chest when I’ve finished a particularly enjoyable passage. I can curl up and go to sleep with it when reading late into the night. It has a presence that’s comforting.

4.   I can write my name (or anything else I want) in a book. I can print, write in cursive, doodle, or scribble. I can really make it my own.

5.   I can more easily flip through a book’s pages, skipping ahead and then turning back to the beginning. I like feeling the pages of a book between my fingers.

6.   Every book has at least two stories: The cover, the jacket, the markings inside, even the wear and tear – the book’s scars — all these things tell a story.

7.   Books are tried-and-true friends. They age with you and are unafraid to show their ages. They are always there, ready to open up to you whenever you seek that connection.

8.   A book never needs to be recharged.

9.   Books usually smell heavenly. New books, old books, used books … It doesn’t really matter. Unless the books have been subjected to mildew or the like, they usually smell good to me. And each book has its own particular scent.

10.   A book is down to earth. It has a very what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of appeal. Although its story might hold secrets and surprises, the book itself hides nothing.

11.   Books can help build human friendships by loaning and exchanging them. Books make great ice-breakers and conversation pieces.

12.   Books don’t break if you drop them. They don’t even take offense at it.

13.   Books can handle being left under your pillow, in your bookbag, on the bathroom floor. They’re easy-going that way.

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4 Responses to Why I’d Rather Hold a Book …

  1. It’s always nice to know that I’m not alone in my preference of “real” books rather digital reading devices. 🙂


  2. ohioladyj says:

    I agree 100%. What else is different is that you can get the author’s signature in a book! There is nothing more exciting than having a book dedicated to you or a written passage for you. Also, when you take the book to sleep at night, I think there is a secret desire to summon those characters into your dream state.


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