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First Flight

First Flight   They said good-bye without waiting for the plane to take off, without waiting for me to board. I was

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Shell Game

Inspired by a writing exercise I recently did  … Lucinda picked the seashell up from the sand at her feet. It was fairly small, and felt warm and comforting in her hand. Perhaps this would help her hang on to … Continue reading

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The boy gazed in disbelief. It looked like an ordinary houseplant, rather nondescript. It wasn’t very large; its leaves seemed slightly wilted, its soil wan and dry. The boy stared, shocked. Had he imagined it?

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Saved by a Poem

Do you know any poems or rhymes by heart? Have you ever memorized a poem purely because you loved it so much? Lately I’ve been inclined to review only books that have come out within the last year or so. … Continue reading

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June’s “Itch”

These seven words (honey, girls, sheet, numbers, sex, grapevine, fireballs) proved to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. I posted those words yesterday very shortly after I drew them. That means I’ve only had

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New Words for June

Here are the new words for this month’s Seven Word Itch. These words may seem contrived but I swear they were pulled “blind” out of my word tin; these seven words were chosen at random!

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Jane Austen Comfort Food

I’ve created a new category: The Writer’s Kitchen, featuring a) foods connected to, or known to be a favorite of a particular author or poet, b) foods associated with the writer’s era and culture, or c) food mentioned in a … Continue reading

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