Seven Words for July!

Seven new words for July:


Look for a new Seven Word Itch poem – generated from this list – tomorrow. Anyone want to join me in creating a poem?

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7 Responses to Seven Words for July!

  1. I tried to answer using the comment link, but could not log in. Oh, well. Here’s a poem:

    How to find comfort in life?
    We just want to be happy.
    Religiously following rituals,
    Repeating things I heard,
    Just puts me to sleep. And life flows freely,
    Whether we do or not. I will specialize in
    Seeing synchronicity
    All around me.  


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  2. ohioladyj says:

    To be happy or not? To sleep or not to sleep? All which keeps my tired soul awake, ruminating religiously each night whether or not I can truly answer these questions. As I do so, I begin to feel as if I am beginning to specialize in philosophy. Do I have the right answer to our moral decline? It certainly seems so at 3am. But now that I have these answers I must devote myself to philanthropy and provide knowledge in some way. You cannot learn something if you are not educating by example. What should I do?

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  3. Psyche says:

    Well you know, ohioladyj, I think anyone can be a poet. All you have to do is write a poem! Which you have done. 😉

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