7 Word Itch for August!

This month’s 7 Word Itch poem was one of the most challenging I think I’ve ever had. One look at my seven words and I was totally stumped as to how to make a coherent poem out of them.

The seven words are: beyond, tame, receptors, pimple, stay, graceful, games.

To be honest, I only drew the words earlier today, and so might have done better with more time. I may revisit this list later in the month to see if I can make anything more sophisticated than this poem:

Red Flag

It stands out like a pimple on red flag
his nose,
but my receptors are numb,
I never see it coming.

I stay far beyond comfort or
tolerance, and then I am
back into the games,

bending like a graceful ballerina,
while he’s a wounded cat,
and far from tame.

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3 Responses to 7 Word Itch for August!

  1. jkvegh says:

    David Bowie used a method of scrambling words around to create his music. Later he used the computer to do it for him. It was based on another person’s technique, though I haven’t the book in front of me to tell you who. Someone famous though. LOL

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  2. I saw “beyond” and “tame” together, and the rest was relatively easy.

    Beyond my little space,
    the world plays so many games.
    Receptors on full, I try
    to stay graceful, look tame.

    But my reality shows
    like a pimple on a model.

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  3. Psyche says:

    Nice work, foothillbilly! Thanks!

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