About Me

My name is Psyche; that’s my legal first name. I grew up in a very rural town in northeast Ohio. We’re talking one-traffic-light rural. I am the youngest of seven daughters. Seven also happens to be my favorite number.

I love words, language, and anything to do with them in both work and play. This includes, but is not limited to, creative writing, technical writing, proofreading, editing, foreign languages, historical linguistics, public speaking, word games, and painfully corny puns.

I’m an amalgam of contradictions. I often crave alone time, yet thrive on connections to other people. I am proud of my nonconformity yet am often sensitive to what other people think of me. I am admired for my courage and confidence (and that’s a real part of me), but I also battle myriad fears and insecurities.

My biggest regret: not acting on good ideas and intuitive impulses quickly enough.

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Interesting website. I like it. Only… what’s your name? A first name at least? Odd not to have a name to attach to a persona. Glad to know your gender at least.


  2. Psyche, you sound a lot like me! My word for “painfully corny puns” is “groaners”!


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