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7 Word Itch for August!

This month’s 7 Word Itch poem was one of the most challenging I think I’ve ever had. One look at my seven words and I was totally stumped as to how to make a coherent poem out of them. The … Continue reading

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Sylvia Plath and Writer’s Block

Anyone who follows my blog – or checks it periodically – will see that I haven’t posted anything for nearly a month. And I had been doing so well! I was so proud of all the posts I’d managed to … Continue reading

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7 Word Itch, July

I think this one could use some development, but, having promised you a poem for today, here you have it. Again, this month’s seven words are: sleep, be, religiously, happy, specialize, philanthropy, synchronicity. Thanks to those who contributed poems. Feel … Continue reading

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Seven Words for July!

Seven new words for July: sleep be religiously happy

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First Flight

First Flight   They said good-bye without waiting for the plane to take off, without waiting for me to board. I was

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Shell Game

Inspired by a writing exercise I recently did  … Lucinda picked the seashell up from the sand at her feet. It was fairly small, and felt warm and comforting in her hand. Perhaps this would help her hang on to … Continue reading

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The boy gazed in disbelief. It looked like an ordinary houseplant, rather nondescript. It wasn’t very large; its leaves seemed slightly wilted, its soil wan and dry. The boy stared, shocked. Had he imagined it?

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