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7 Word Itch for August!

This month’s 7 Word Itch poem was one of the most challenging I think I’ve ever had. One look at my seven words and I was totally stumped as to how to make a coherent poem out of them. The … Continue reading

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Sylvia Plath and Writer’s Block

Anyone who follows my blog – or checks it periodically – will see that I haven’t posted anything for nearly a month. And I had been doing so well! I was so proud of all the posts I’d managed to … Continue reading

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7 Word Itch, July

I think this one could use some development, but, having promised you a poem for today, here you have it. Again, this month’s seven words are: sleep, be, religiously, happy, specialize, philanthropy, synchronicity. Thanks to those who contributed poems. Feel … Continue reading

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Seven Words for July!

Seven new words for July: sleep be religiously happy

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First Flight

First Flight   They said good-bye without waiting for the plane to take off, without waiting for me to board. I was

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Saved by a Poem

Do you know any poems or rhymes by heart? Have you ever memorized a poem purely because you loved it so much? Lately I’ve been inclined to review only books that have come out within the last year or so. … Continue reading

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June’s “Itch”

These seven words (honey, girls, sheet, numbers, sex, grapevine, fireballs) proved to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. I posted those words yesterday very shortly after I drew them. That means I’ve only had

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