7 Word Itch 2016!

I recently played 7 Word Itch with a couple of friends of mine. We each drew our own seven words and started to write. After about fifteen minutes we shared what we’d written. What better way to start the new year than by sharing these 7 Word Itch poems with you!flower word image Jan 2016

To see exactly how 7 Word Itch is played, click here.

My friend Ruth drew these seven words: embrace, curve, chaos, contemplative, garnish, dream, forgot.

Here is the poem Ruth came up with:

I had a contemplative dream:
a curve, curving,
a garnish of squiggles.

I forgot
to embrace
the chaos.

* * * * * * *

One of the things I love about 7 Word Itch is that it invites and encourages one to use words in combinations one might not otherwise consider. In so doing, the mind becomes open to forms and combinations of speech that our day-to-day, “logical” minds might be closed off to. That is poetry. That kind of thinking is what makes poetry happen.

Bonnie drew these seven words for our game: crazy, connection, seekers, quickies, cooks, clouds, sexiest.

Bonnie composed the following poem based on her seven words:

Are cooks crazy?
Are they seekers?
Are they seeking a connection
with their head in the
Is their ego involved?
Is it the way
to a man’s heart
as I’ve heard?
Planning and preparing
long dinners doesn’t sound like
the sexiest thing I’ve heard.
I think I’d like to make intimate meals and
have time for quickies if
I’m inclined.
I’ll have the dessert before the

* * * * * * *

I wish I could get all my friends to play this game! I am constantly fascinated by what the imagination can come up with using these simple guidelines. Each poem tells a story; each writer brings his or her own twist to the narrative. But perhaps not everyone is as much of a word nerd as I am.

On that same day, I drew the following seven words: you, linen, revenge, essentially, secret, party, ghost.

Here is what I put together:

The air was essentially lifeless;
the room betrayed a party
suddenly abandoned:

You strode in, a ghost formed of
shame, of fear,
the dust of unfulfilled dreams.
One hand touched the linen,
inspected the candlesticks,
the centerpiece, the china.

Your lips were silent,
withholding your secret,
withholding the name of

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