What is “Seven Word Itch?”

“Seven Word Itch” is a game, of sorts, a game of poetry. Here’s how it works: I will periodically draw seven words out of my tin and post them here, under the category of the same name.  Then I’ll create a poem using all seven words according to the following rules:

  1. All 7 words must be used in the poem; they can be used in any order. (You may use any other words you want with the exception of these seven.)
  2. Each word must only be used once in the body of the poem. (They can be repeated in the title.)
  3. They must be used just as they are, without altering the tense, plurality, etc.
  4. Poems can be of any style, length, or theme.

Who wants to play “Seven Word Itch” with me? Join me in creating poems with whatever the current seven words are; post them as a comment!

14 Responses to What is “Seven Word Itch?”

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