Another New Poem for You

As part of National Poetrycrow public domain 1 Month, I have subscribed to a couple of sites that are offering a poem each day in April. One of these sites, sponsored by the Cuyahoga County (Ohio, USA) Public Library also includes a daily poetry-writing prompt. One of the recent prompts was, “Choose a flower, a bird, or tree and write a poem that compares it to 10 other things that are not flower, bird, or tree.” For this exercise I chose the crow. Here’s what I came up with:


Midnight wind: you call to me.
Battle crier: you cry for me.
Bag lady: you salvage me.
Caped superhero: you deliver me.
Defiant musketeer: you ransom me.
Champion of the wild: you free me.
Guardian at the gate: you challenge me.
Mystic sorcerer: you bewitch me.
Dark trickster: you fly into my dreams.
Soothsayer: you speak my truth.

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